Fast, reliable WiFi internet at marinas — worldwide!

Our WiFi booster makes strong, stable connections to onshore hotspots so you can access video streaming, web browsing, email and more from the comfort of your vessel.

If you're not tied up right in front of the marina office, getting fast and reliable onboard WiFi internet can be nearly impossible. Small WiFi devices (like smartphones) have tiny antennas that aren't powerful enough to reach distant hotspots—but our powerful booster maintains a solid connection for up to 1 nautical mile in ideal conditions.

It's easy for anyone to install, and our mobile app for Android and iOS makes connecting to hotspots a breeze. Our system is legal and operable anywhere in the world there's WiFi, and we ship worldwide within 24-48 hours of your online order.

Easy to install, simple to use

Not technically minded? No problem: the Coastal Marine WiFi booster is easy to install, and our custom mobile app for Android and iOS makes it easy to connect to onshore hotspots.

Install our antenna anywhere between 10 and 30 feet above deck using a standard 1"-14 mount (not included), run one cable to our network box (in your cabin), run another cable from our network box to the included secure WiFi hotspot, wire our network box up to your 12/24V house batteries (or AC outlet), and you're done.

Once you're set up, operating our extender is a snap; unlike other vendors, we include a mobile app for iOS and Android that makes connecting to hotspots as easy as tapping on the network and entering the password (where required). Our app even shows you the strength of the signal for each available network, so you can choose the one that'll give you the best results.

All cables are included with your purchase, as are full installation instructions—and we offer phone support if you need help to get up and running.

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