Fast, reliable WiFi internet at marinas — worldwide!

Our WiFi booster makes strong, stable connections to onshore hotspots so you can access video streaming, web browsing, email and more from the comfort of your vessel.

If you're not tied up right in front of the marina office, getting fast and reliable onboard WiFi internet can be nearly impossible. Small WiFi devices (like smartphones) have tiny antennas that aren't powerful enough to reach distant hotspots—but our powerful booster maintains a solid connection for up to 1 nautical mile in ideal conditions.

It's easy for anyone to install, and our mobile app for Android and iOS makes connecting to hotspots a breeze. Our system is legal and operable anywhere in the world there's WiFi, and we ship worldwide within 24-48 hours of your online order.

Easy to install, simple to use

Not technically minded? No problem: the Coastal Marine WiFi booster is easy to install, and our custom mobile app for Android and iOS makes it easy to connect to onshore hotspots.

Our system ships ready-to-run and setup requires only simple tasks like connecting power and network cables. No computer is necessary and there's no complex software to install.

All cables are included with your purchase, as are full installation instructions—and we offer phone support if you need help to get up and running.

Once you're set up, operating our booster is a snap; our mobile app for iOS and Android makes connecting to hotspots as easy as tapping on the network and entering its password (if required).

Need more info? There's a complete system overview and connection diagram in our Pre-order Guide.

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How It Works

Mounted on your boat's mast, its backstay, or anywhere else, the powerful WiFi radio at the heart of our system reaches ashore to bring high-speed internet back to your boat.

Accessing onshore WiFi from your vessel is different from accessing WiFi in your home or office. Whether you’re tied up at a marina or anchored just offshore, the distance and crowded environment make finding a good connection challenging. Even if your phone shows an available network with a full five bars, you might not be able to connect or get decent speed.

There's a simple reason for that: you can see them, but they can’t see you.

Onshore hotspots are backed up by powerful radios so that their signals easily reach your phone and laptop—but the low-power radios in your devices, which have relatively tiny antennas, aren’t always strong enough to cut through the clutter and travel the necessary distance in return.

This is where the Coastal Marine WiFi booster comes in.

Mounted high up on your vessel, our powerful radio with its 12” omnidirectional antenna handles the job of connecting to onshore networks.

It transmits at many times the power of your personal devices and can blast through the clutter of a typical marina to maintain a fast, stable connection—even at one nautical mile or more under ideal conditions.

That connection is relayed through a single weatherproof cable to a WiFi router installed in your cabin, which broadcasts its own secure WiFi network for your onboard devices to connect to (just like in your home or office).

You’ll have fast, reliable internet throughout your vessel, and the only WiFi connection that needs to change as you travel is the single one maintained by our booster—there’s no more need to reconnect all your devices every time you drop anchor.

Our App

With a few taps of your finger, you have total control of the booster via our free and easy-to-use mobile app, available for iOS and Android; unlike other systems, there's no need to open your browser and log on to a complicated web interface just to connect to new hotspots (although we also provide that option if you don't want to use the app).

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