Since early May I’ve used the Coastal Marine WiFi kit with all sorts of onboard WiFi devices and all sorts of Internet hotspots, and I’m very impressed with its smart design and easy, reliable performance.

Pacific Boating -

My boat partner and I bought your hi power wifi system on July 28, 2015. Our installation went exceptionally smoothly. You are to be congratulated on the excellence of your product integration and the care you have put into the instructions and preconfiguration of the system. Thanks for making such a great product.

John Haley

As a liveaboard web designer, internet connectivity is crucial. We considered a number of available systems and decided to go with the system from CoastalMarineWiFi, but enhanced with cellular capabilties - and I am so pleased I did so!

It has been absolutely wonderful to deal with Phil, the owner of Coastal Marine WiFi; he went out of his way to get us the set up we were looking for and was extremely patient with me as he explained his system and our setup options. His passion for technology really shone through in all of my dealings with him and I would highly recommend his system to anyone else out there that is looking to stay connected while onboard. I feel completely confident in getting off the dock now and still being able to tap into the online world.

A huge thanks to Phil for helping us complete ‘Project: Internet' onboard s/v Bloom! I cannot wait to test his system out as we harbor hop down the west coast this summer!

Lisa Robinson - S/V Bloom

Cheryl and I have been searching for sometime to enhance the wifi access and experience while on board our 45 Hunter Sailboat. We have Smart TV and the usual complement of tablets and smart phones. Our marina had just switched to Shaw Open wifi, yet the improvment in the ability to connect to the marina wifi still didn't give us the speed that we wanted. We saw an ad for Coastal Marine WiFi, contacted the owner (Phil) and he very quickly came to our boat with a demo set-up and showed us how incredibly fast and powerful his wifi system is. We were convinced at this point not only because of the quality and price of the system but also the interest and attention that Phil gave us. Within a week Phil had delivered a complete system to us after we ordered a system via his website and within a day of installation and running the wires ourselves, we were completely set up.

Previously we were lucky to get access to one wifi hotspot and now it's usual that we will see at least 36-60 hotspots. Not that we would do this everyday, but we have streamed Netflix on both our tablets and our smart TV with no problem at all.

Thank you Phil for the exceptional customer service and for having produced the wifi solution that we always wanted. We would happily recommend this system.

Ted and Cheryl Smith - S/V Sea'n'Tea

Immediately after purchasing our Catalina 445 in May of last year I started researching WiFi "boosters". As luck would have it, the well respected Ben Ellison at Panbo wrote a glowing piece just a few weeks later in June about Phil's Coastal Marine Wifi system. With such a great review, I was sold.

I contacted Phil about getting one of his units to install on one of my twin backstays. I had the system in hand just a few days later and with 12v battery, I had it up and running on my dining table just a few minutes after taking it out of the box.

Phil took all the time needed to helped me work out the entire install. He showed great interest in my system. Phil happily offers the kind of customer support that creates customer loyalty.

With the antenna mounted half way up my starboard backstay, about twenty five feet above the waterline, the system works great, pulling in WiFi from not only the local marina but from distant commercial sites like Starbucks or Xfinitywifi at great distances. Standing on deck, my phone sees eight WiFi signals, mostly from surrounding boats, but the Coastal system sees over fifty, and this is in an isolated marina in a small town.

The install was very straightforward and all the supplied equipment is wonderfully thought out. Once you have the three pieces mounted, it's just plug and play. I have the Coastal Marine software installed on my Windows 10 ASUS laptop, my Samsung phone and on my iPad Air and it is very easy and intuitive to control from any device. The router is quite small and hides nicely behind a fiddle just above the electrical panel at the nav station. The POE injector is mounted just behind that panel. The signal from the router is very strong anywhere on or near the boat.

The system works great and the customer support tops it all.

Doug Peterson - S/V Thunderchild

Over the years we have wasted a lot of money on various wifi antennas and amplifiers but last summer we bought one of the Canadian built Coastal Marine Wifi units. Although expensive it has proven an excellent product.

We are able to connect using all three computers plus our iphone and can make clear Skype and Viber calls. We have received wifi from over a mile away. Right now I am using a signal from a friends house. You cannot really see it in the photo, as it's behind the powerboat. The GPS says it is 0.6miles away Of course just having a good antenna is not enough, we must also get a signal. The days of unprotected wifi are long gone. But all bars and restaurants have wifi and sometimes, as now, we have a friend who gives us his password. So fortunately we had no need to get a Bahamas SIM card.

Richard Woods

The CoastalMarineWiFi installation couldn’t have been simpler and the system works even better than advertised. But even more importantly, the help and support is fast, detailed, and useful.

I wish all system installations on my boat went like this one.

Jack Goralnik - S/V Leucothea

I want to provide you with an update on our installation. Since we departed our home port of SF almost 2 weeks ago, our Coastal WiFi has worked flawlessly. When scanning, it typically picks up about 50 hot spots, providing several good alternatives to choose from. To date we have connected to two Marina WiFi's, and two yacht clubs without any trouble. In fact, I'm writing this email from our slip outside a club where they said we would have to be inside to get service. I estimate that the clubhouse is about 75 yards away. We initially scan and connect with our iPhones/iPad using your nice app, then once a new device connects to our onboard router, it's automatically connected to the hotspot. We have also connected our Vesper AIS to the Coastal Marine WiFi router eliminating the need to connect back and forth.

Thank you again for your great support. In hindsight, I believe that it was the poor performance of our onboard, carrier provided router that initially caused us problems connecting. I recommend that before spending time trouble shooting, that users move away from the dock to an open area to pick up a local YC, restaurant etc.

I'm very pleased with our purchase as this affords us the ability to work/cruise as planned. Please feel free to use all or part of this as a testimonial.

Mike Scheck - President, Scanmar International, Inc.

I’m now in Antigua (British). The WiFi service here is much, much better. I’ve been connected to a hot spot reliably with excellent performance. I’m really pleased with the CMW system. The bad news is I’m leaving for St. Barths (French) early this week so I’ll likely be back on the satellite phone. Something else for you to keep in mind. Every island has different cell phone service. The most ubiquitous carrier is Digicel. However! Each country has its own Digicel “subsidiary”. So if I buy a Digicel SIM in Dominica and then go to Martinique my Digicel service is roaming and the cost is outrageous. I’ve got to go to a Digicel store in Martinique and buy a different SIM and get a different phone number. All a very good reason to get a good WiFi system when going to the Caribbean!

Thanks again.